Please specify service type or deadline to insure on time delivery.
On-time or it’s free.

Bike Rates:

NonRush: 2 hour service starting at $4.50
(NonRush not available after 3pm)

Standard: 1 hour service starting at $5.50

SuperRush: 30 minute service starting at $10

TimeWarp: 15 minute service starting at $15

Oversize $4.00: Bike deliveries over 10lbs, 2’x2’ flat, box 1’ square, or rolls over 40”.

Double Oversize $6.50: Bike deliveries over 20lbs or 3’x3’ flat.

Vehicle Rates:

Vehicle NonRush: 4 hour service (15% off standard rate, not available after 1pm)

Standard: 2 hour service within 25 mile radius of center city.

Vehicle Rush: 1 hour service within 25 mile radius of center city.

Vehicle Round Trip: Round trip deliveries of $20.00 or more will receive a 50% discount on the return.

Van Rate: There will be a minimum charge of $25.00 for deliveries requiring a van.

Gas Charge: A 10% gas surcharge will apply to deliveries requiring a vehicle.

Additional Floor/Signature: $2.00. This fee applies to multiple packages going to the same building but different floors or rooms.

Boxes: $2.00. The first two boxes are free, each additional box is $2.00.

Weight $.10: The first 50lbs are free, each additional pound is $.10.

Waiting Time: The is a 5 minute grace period. Each additional minute is $.34. The courier is only permitted to wait if other deliveries are not put in jeopardy.

Legal Copy Time: This charge applies to docket research and copy work performed at a rate of $.50 per minute.

Overtime: Overtime begins at 5pm for local deliveries and 4pm for locations beyond 25 miles of center city. This charge also applies between 7am-8am. A 50% surcharge will apply until 6:59pm.

Double Overtime: Double overtime begins at 7pm and extends to 7am. A 100% surcharge will apply.

Weekend: Weekend deliveries will incur 100% surcharge.

Wrong Address: If a parcel is improperly addressed there is an additional charge based on the distance to the correct location.

No Pick Up: If a delivery is canceled when we are in the bldg or not ready upon arrival, a minimum charge of $4.50 will apply.

Subpoena Charge: A one time fee of $15.00 will be applied to the delivery charge. Return of service can be done the same day at your request or via SASE. For each additional attempt, appropriate delivery charge will apply.

State of Emergency: If a State of Emergency is declared due to hazardous conditions, there will be a 50% surcharge on any delivery we are able to perform.